Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hi one and all.
After spending 11 days in sunny Darwin, catching up with people we have met in our travels, watching the sunset over Fannie Beach and Mindil Beach, camping at the Darwin Polo Cross Grounds and watching some great Polo Cross, we have moved on to Humpty Doo.  For the uninitiated, Humpty Doo is located about three km down the Arnhem Highway from the Stuart Highway.  We were fortunate enough to know someone from our days in archery, who lives there and when we contacted her to say "Hi", she invited us to stay at her property, 10 beautiful bush land.  Whilst here I have been able to go barramundi fishing at the Mary River National Park, next to Kakadu which was great as it helped me cross another one from my 'bucket list", yes I did catch a barramundi, not a monster, however, it was of legal size, and it was very tasty.
I do have photos but with my technical experience, I have no idea how to attach it to this blog.
We are thinking of leaving here over the weekend and head to Litchfield National Park for a look see. 
We have been told that there is a very good 'free' camp at Wanji Falls.  Hm.  They also say that there is some great fishing there as well.  Could be worth a stay to refill the larder. More about that later.
That's about it for now.
Untill next time.
Love from
Col and Helen 
 "Old Farts on Tour"  

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hi all.

Time to sit and think about what we have been up to since last we put pen to paper.
We departed Alice Springs on Monday 2 June with a long drive ahead of us, 202 km.  Well that a long drive for us and it is the Territory. We spent the night camped up at Ti Tree.  The following morning it was off to The Devils Marbles.  It's a free camp that costs you $3.30 per person.  A lovely spot to camp except for all the other campers.  We did get to see a wild Dingo walking among the rocks. Wednesday saw us on the road again, up through the Three Ways and on to Renner Springs.  We were entertained that evening by a travelling singer on his way to Darwin for a couple of gigs he had been booked for there.  Thursday saw us do the longest single day drive for quite some time.  Renner Springs to a free camp at South Warlock Rest Area, 379 km. Stopped in at the Daly Waters Pub on the way through.  Not to sure what every one raves about, but we can now say that we went there.
Next stop Katherine.  Well 9 km west at a lovely little place called Manbulloo Homestead.  It was a large station in its day, however, it has since been divided up into smaller packages of land.  The camp area is located with the original homestead.  A couple of nights there gave us time to discover Katherine and head out to Katherine Gorge.  Very spectacular but also very expensive if you want to do all the tourist things.
Sunday was a long drive north (165 km) to Pine Creek. Nothing much to see there so we headed east (2 km) and set up camp at Pussycat Flats, yes, you read it correctly, I did say Pussycat Flats. It is a lovely old country race track with beautiful grassed areas to camp.  It also has a licensed bar and provides good meals at a reasonable price.  This was a keeper so we stayed three nights.  One of the other campers was a keyboard player so I dragged out the 12 string and we provided the entertainment for the evening.
After three nights we headed onward to Darwin and spent the first five nights at the tightest caravan park I have ever seen.  The owner fitted 84 campers into a park built for 60 at the most and they still charged $34 per night.  We got it at that "cheap" price as we are pensioners.  Monday 16 June we moved 16 km closer to Darwin CBD to the Berrimah Polo Club grounds where we still call home for a couple of more days.  Our  are next door neighbours are members of the criminal population.  Yep, we're right next door to the Berrimar Prison.  We hope to escape on Friday morning.
Had a look through the War Museum and wandered the Mindil Markets, took in the most wonderful sunset from Fannie Bay and last night had dinner at a great little Jazz Club at Parap.  Life is never dull.
Until next time.
Keep the shiny side up.
All the best.
Col & Helen
Old Farts on Tour. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Well here we are again.  I know I've been slack with keeping the blogg up to date, but what do you say when nothing exciting has been happening.
We left Townsville after two weeks of relaxing and catching up with friends and old Police and Army work mates, and headed out through Charters Towers ( or The Towers as the locals call it) to Mt Isa.  On leaving the Isa we had a long grueling trip to Camooweal (ha ha) all 188 km of it, where we free camped beside the Georgina River for two nights.  A very relaxing place to camp.  From Camooweal onto the Barkley Homestead.  The only reason for this short trip was I've always wanted to stay at the Barkley Homestead.  It is a nice van park staffed by a number of English and Welsh backpackers.  I asked one of the girls what they did in their free time as it is such a remote place.  She stated that they did a lot of reading, swimming in the parks pool, sunbathing and doing the laundry.  Every so often they might get a trip away some where with some of the lads that come in from one of the remote stations.
From Barkley Homestead it was on to Wycliffe Wells on the Stuart Highway. It is toted as being the UFO Centre of Australia, however, we have nothing to report in that area as we never saw any extra terrestrials whilst we were there.  Our trip from Wycliffe to Alice Spring was uneventful arriving mid afternoon to our old stomping ground of two years ago.  Nothing has changed apart from the RSL being reopened.  We caught up with Sarah and the boys (Helen's sister in law and nephews) at the Ballet, yes I did say Ballet.  I might be getting older, however, I am becoming more cultured.  Jack, the oldest nephew (12 YO) was part of the "Corpse de Ballet (sounds posh don't it) so we went and see him dance.  It was a big thing for him as two of the Principle Dancers from the Australian Ballet were on the card.
The following week was the Ulysses Motor Cycle Clubs 31st AGM, the second time held here in Alice. I was very disappointed with the lack of traders attending and the lack of entertainment, who needs a heavy rock/blues grunge band at our age.  We did however catch up with a lot of friends from around the country.
We have now settled into the showgrounds for the next week or so then it will be on to Darwin leaving on Monday 2 June.
That's all for now. I will try to write more often as the trip to Darwin should prove to be a bit more exciting.
So until next time.
Take care and keep the shiny side up.
Love to all.

Helen and Col
"Old Farts on Tour" 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Hi there viewers.
Wednesday we drove up Castle Hill for a look see.  It's amazing how spread out Townsville has become.  It has doubled in size since we were last here.  That was 28 years ago.
Well ANZAC Day has come and gone for one more year.  Helen and I attended the March at Thuringowa and I can tell you from experience that it was a hot and long way to march.
When I arrived at the FUP (that's "forming up  point' for you civies), there was a lot of confusion as to who was to be where so I stuck my Scarlet Beret on and within a couple of minutes I was approached by another ex MP. For those who know him it was triple K. Rudy then alerted me to another blast from the past, Stan Hodder. Stan was my first Patrol IC when I joined the Corp in 1977. Hope to catch up with him for coffee in the next few days.
Overall the march and service went well the we retired to the Thuringowa RSL for lunch and a lite libation. 
Had a chat to a couple of Sand Gropers staying at our van park last night and they have given me some tips of where to go and not go in WA.
Until next we chat.
All the Best
Col & Helen

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Catching Up

Well it's Easter Monday and the Bilby has come and gone.  One lousy block of chocolate to share between us.  The Ex Townsville Coppers Reunion on Saturday afternoon went very well.  For something that was meant to finish at 1900 hrs (that's 7 pm for you civies) were soldiered on at the Cowboys Club for dinner finally making home about 2200 hrs (10 pm). We met up with quite a few old faces from our time in Townsville, Helen more so the me, however, a great time was had by all.
Sunday saw us rediscovering parts of Townsville that we remembered from 30 years ago.  What was a sleepy army town back then is now a very large city that has expanded immensely since we were last here.
More later.
Stay safe

Helen & Col.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hi All
Second day on the road.
Yesterday saw us leave Bundaberg in light drizzle and made our way to The Caves Caravan Park about 25 Km north of Rockhampton.  Not a place I would hurry back to.  No mobile or internet reception available.

Today we headed to Proserpine where we have found a quiet little park to spend the night.  Made the mistake of purchasing fuel at Marlborough at $1.69.9 per litre.

Sad to see a lot of sugar cane in the horizontal position due to cyclone Ita.
Townsville tomorrow.

Until next we talk

Helen & Col
Hi All
We left Bundy on Monday in light drizzle and made it as far as The Caves (North of Rockhampton) where we set camp for the night. Not somewhere I would rush back to in a hurry. Tuesday seen us head to Proserpine. Made the mistake of purchasing fuel in Marlborough, a lowly cost of $1.69.9 per litre.  Passed a number of cane farms with the cane leaning over almost horizontal as a result of cyclone Ita.  The weather today has been great. Sunshine most of the way.

Until next time.

Col & Helen